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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Questions - Woovi Parcelado

How do I access Woovi Parcelado?

Within the platform, access the Woovi Parcelado tutorial by clicking here and request access to the feature.

What is the main advantage of Woovi Parcelado for shopkeepers?

The main advantage is payment flexibility, which can boost sales. In addition, the retailer has full control over the installments and receives the full amount within 30 days.

How does the payment process work with Woovi Parcelado?

Customer pays 50% down payment for Pix and divides the remainder of the purchase up to 4x on the card. The merchant generates the charge on the Woovi platform and sends it to the customer to make the payment.

How secure is Woovi Parcelado?

Very safe. The platform has a native anti-fraud system to ensure transaction security.

What information do I need to start using Woovi Parcelado?

It is necessary to access the Woovi platform, select charges and Woovi Parcelado. Then, select or register the customer, filling in all the necessary data, and enter the charge amount.