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Getting Started

This document will help you with getting started with OpenPix APIs.

Creating new API key

All APIs request must be authenticated with a API key.

In order to use APIs you first need to create a new API key. You can create API keys any time at your company API options page (needs to be logged).

Admin Panel > Permissions > APIs and generate a new API key.

In order to create APIs keys you need to have ADMIN privileges.

API Usage Guidelines

  • All API requests and responses use JSON format
  • API backend servers IPs and Certificates change constantly, please don't cache neither sever IPs nor certificates
  • All requests must be encrypted using https

APIs Keys Security

APIs keys are extremely powerful since they can create or read data from your company. Key should be stored and shared with extra care.

API Guidelines:

  • Don't share keys with third parties
  • Don't re-use keys - Access Keys, you can generate multiple keys
  • Only generate keys when needed
  • Disable unused keys

APIs Restrictions

  • Header and Payload Size limits: Any request, regardless of the endpoint used, must not exceed 10Mb.
  • Rate limit: You can't exceed 10 requests/second.